Patients who travel to the United Kingdom wishing to have an INR test have two main options:

1) They will need to register as a temporary patient at a GPs surgery and they should then do the INR for them at no cost. However depending on where the patient is from, if their own country doesn’t use Warfarin, they will need to contact their own doctor or clinic at home for any change in dose.

2) There are private clinics which do blood tests including INRs for travellers. These include Blue Horizon Medicals, part of Harley Street Health Checks, which recently advised us that they had reduced the cost of a private INR test across the UK to £49.95 - they can be accessed at the links below and are inclusive of a GP referral to the laboratories. Results are emailed straight through. The London service has a turnaround time of a few hours, whereas the national options are a day. Blood tests can be obtained at Spire Hospitals throughout the UK. Again if the patient doesn’t use Warfarin at home they will need to contact their own doctor or clinic for any new dose.

For London -

For most cities across the UK:

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